Floral Globes: Curve

August 28, 2009, 00:02

Finished the Curve model a few days ago.  It was really difficult to fit in the last piece!  Actually, it’s kind of noticeably messy where I had to bend the piece into position. 

Still no pictures yet.  I can’t find the cord to connect my camera to the computer, and I still have to take some shots of the newer projects.  [EDITED]

curl (2)

Anyways, I like the model itself, which reminds me of stars.  The curl at the edges is also really cute, even though it makes the assembly so annoying.  I don’t really like the colors that I picked though.  The blue paper feels flat, and the yellow seems dull.  If only I’d used prettier paper… maybe some patterned chiyogami?

Well, I’m almost done with that notepad block of paper, so after the next model, the following ones will use  actual origami paper.  I love the bright colors and the smooth shine to the paper! Hopefully they turn out well!

I’m finishing off the notepad paper with another Tomoko Fuse model.  This time it’s from her book Unit Polyhedron Origami.  Actually, I dont know what the model name is, but it’s sort of a spiraling ring shape, made from her Double-Sided Concave Hexagonal Ring Solid structure units.  Colors will be a lemon-lime green, sky blue, and a salmon pink.  Most of the pieces finished already, so its almost ready for assembly!


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