Little Turtle, Electra, Morning Glory

September 09, 2009, 22:41

I completed a bunch of models last week, but have been lazy about posting. As usual, pictures still to come.

little turtle

First up is Tomoko Fuse’s Little Turtle, from Unit Origami. Made this model to finish off my second notepad of paper! I really like the bright green color.

The model isn’t too difficult to fold, and its fun to assemble. The units tend to fall apart, when there are only a few connected. At the end, the model is fairly stable though.

electra (2)

From the Papercrafts book.

There’s so much pre-creasing needed to fold each unit that it gets kind of annoying. I had a hard time assembling the pieces, because they just wouldn’t stay inside. In the end, I had to resort to glue.

Well, the model looks interesting, especially from the inside, but I don’t think I’ll be making it again.

morning glory

Another Tomoko Fuse model, from Origami Tanteidan 71. A lot of precreasing again, and a few measurement folds. It’s hard to fold this one while trying to watch a show at the same time, because you have to look at the piece to check if the fold is going in the right place. I guess because of that it feels like a lot of folding for such a simle piece.

Even though it does take a while to complete, the model turns out really nicely.



  1. […] really liked how the orange Morning Glory model came out before, so I thought that I would try it with the lighter shades of the Tant Paper. […]

  2. W said

    I originally had the same problem with the electra as you did, but I figured it out in the end, and you shouldn’t have to use glue.
    The modules are supposed to fit completely into each other, and you crease in the “middle” of the module. Like, it feels like it shouldn’t go past the middle line, but it does, and you crease it there, and that’s what makes it hold; it’s actually a pretty secure model.

    • eikosi said

      oh, is that how it’s supposed to go? I’ll have to break out my books and try doing this model again. Thanks so much for the advice!

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