Paint Chip Icosahedron

Just settled into the college dorms! I have so much stuff, even though I wasn’t able to bring all of my paper supplies. So far, the suitemates seem okay, though I’m not sure about all of them.

I was going to transfer the posts here to wordpress, but for some reason the import function isn’t working for me, so I guess that I’ll just have to manually copy over the entries later.

There’s a dance tonight, so I’ll probably be going with L, D, and people, then to the afterparty. Looking forward to Tuesday movies with TH and W.

icosahedron paint chip

Anyways, mini-project is this icosahedron from paintchips! It’s just scored and glued together, so its nothing fancy, but I think that it looks good for that amount of work! Pictures to come later.



  1. did you use a template to cut it out?
    I have to do a paper “melon” for class and I need a template to design the textured surface … so if you do have a template for that (or know where I can get one), please please let me know.

    thanks. and it looks great.

  2. oh! i’m sry, it’s really late at night and I had barely any sleep so I didn’t realize its the same page from you … haha … yea, this looks great! I’m looking for something simple and this works! Hope to hear back from you soon with advice and possibly a template. 🙂 Thanks again.

    • eikosi said

      oh, don’t worry about it! I know how sleep deprivation is…
      For this, you would need 10 pieces of paper, cut in a 1:3 ratio rectangle. Measure out two equilateral triangles, with height of the 1 side, so it would look something like this: |/\/| . Crease on the lines, and then you glue it together, connecting to form the icosahedron.
      I suppose if you’re looking for a template, you could just measure out the triangles on one piece of paper, creating the same connectivity?
      Hope you can work with this info! Good luck with your project!

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