Robert Lang’s K2

September 13, 2009, 06:09

k2 k2

The amazing polypolyhedron by Robert Lang! I saw a bunch of pictures on flickr and fell in love with this model. It really resembles Tom Hull’s Five Intersecting Tetrahedron, but adds an additional layer of complexity. Instead of being made from 5 tetrahedron, its made from 20 triangles.

Its a real challenge to assemble. I’m sure that as you can see from the photograph, the corners are all messy. When assembling the triangles, I thought that I would glue to make them but I actually ended up making a lot of mistakes putting it together! So because of that, I had to tear out the glued piece, which led to the corners being so messed up.

I think I’ll try this model again, and try to do it justice. Sometime in the future. 🙂



  1. Ashteroth said

    Love the model, stunning…
    I would very much like to try build it, are we going to see diagrams anytime soon?

    • eikosi said

      lol. idk if the other comment i wrote posted. but anyways, thanks so much! definitely this was a difficult model to do, so haha, I don’t think I’d be able to do any diagrams anytime soon/at all. I can’t remember where I found the diagrams, but think it might be from an issue of the Origami Tanteidan Magazine? Sorry I couldn’t be of more help to you!

  2. Katie said

    What model is your profile picture, eikosi? I’d like to have instructions on how to make it.

    • eikosi said

      Hello! My profile picture is of Tom Hull’s Five Intersecting Tetrahedron. You can try a google search for instructions; there are lots of sites which have them published already!
      If you have trouble putting it together, I’d suggest looking for a video or try the virtual model viewers. Hope that this helps!

  3. Nirish said

    can please get the instructions to create it

  4. Ashteroth said

    Here are instructions:

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