Diamond Bridge, folding with gum wrappers

Haven’t found the author of the Rhombic Icoasahedron yet, but I found the original Flickr picture I was looking at, here, done by steffi.

diamond bridge

I saw the model listed on MM’s origami gallery, and thought that I would give it a try. It’s designed by Miyuki Kawamura, usng 1:2 ratio paper.

I haven’t posted some of the older pictures of my gum wrapper origami, but I really love trying to make models with the gum foil paper. I just love the shiny, metallic look! My favorite is the Wrigley’s 5 gum, because their wrappers come in so many different colors too! This model is from the Cobalt flavor foil.

Folding with gum foil takes a lot longer than folding with regular paper does. The foil isn’t as stiff, and it doesn’t have as much friction. So then, when you try to fold modular pieces, more often than not, you should use tape.

For this model, The pieces are pretty easy to fold, and I think assembly wouldn’t have been too difficult, if I wasn’t trying to use gum wrappers. I ended up taping the edges, but even so, it’s a little unstable. The model tends to flatten out on the shelf, since its so open. I think it’s better to do models that have less open spaces, like Tomoko Fuse’s diagonally folded unit, for gum wrappers.

Later, I might do a tutorial post, or something like that, for folding with gum wrappers.



  1. Maria said

    It is so pretty. I would love to see a tutorial:)

  2. estela said

    please, make that tutorial!

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