Spread Hexagon Tessellation

Spread Hexagon Tessellation

Spread Hexagon Tessellation

Spread Hexagon Tessellation

My first attempt at an origami tessellation! This model was designed by Eric Gjerde. I don’t really understand how the hexagons are supposed to be layered, and the folds could be crisper and the paper less plain, but I think that it turned out well for a first attempt. My favorite view is backlit. I think that I’ll try to post it on a window or something like that to display.

There are so many amazing creations posted to the Origami Tessellation group pool on Flickr, that to compare my work to theirs… so daunting. Everyone starts somewhere though, and I think if I keep trying out different designs, eventually I’ll be able to fold tessellations like that too! I’d love it if I could get a whole collection, then frame them and hang it as art pieces on my walls.

Anyways, I don’t have too much to say about the process this time. The pre-creasing is fairly easy, but time consuming. I thought it was a little difficult to understand the fold that pulls everything together, but I got it after a few other attempts. I think that the hexagons are supposed to appear as if they were lying on top of one another, but I didn’t really understand which way the folds were supposed to lie in order to create that illusion.



  1. inaluxe said

    oh, this is so awesome. i love the way the light comes through too. I think it looks amazing, and I can’t wait to see more. So striking! )

  2. Stijn Van den Bulck said


    First of all, your origami-work is already very stunning so i can’t wait to see some more.

    I am a fashion student from Belgium and for my latest assignment i’m going to do some origami tessellation with fabrics. I was wondering wether you could send me the instructions for this particular one (the one from the last picture) because i only found an hexagonal folding plan but the pyramidgrid you take to begin with has to be way smaller which is very hard to conquer using fabric.

    It would mean the world to me


    • eikosi said

      Hi Stijn,
      Thank you so much for your comment! It sounds very exciting what you are planning to do with fabric! The last picture in this post just shows the back side of this origami tesselation. As I wrote in the post, Erick Gjerde is the author of the pattern. I think that I found the instructions in an origami book or magazine. I will look for it over this weekend to see if I can find that source for you. Otherwise, I think that there is a link on this page with the pattern, which I hope you can work off of. I am very interested in seeing how your project will turn out. Please let me know how it goes or send me a link when you are done!
      – Keri

      • stijn van den bulck said

        Hi Keri,

        Thanks for the link. i printed the diagram from that page and trie one out in paper. Doing that one in fabric is going to be tricky 🙂
        – Stijn

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