Sakuradama and Clematis Flower

I bought a bunch of origami paper packs from Aunty Vicky (Mountain Valley Paper Company) when we went to SF over winter break, so here are the first models from that! The Tant paper has a nice weight, and light texture, making it nice to fold with. 12 color variations, so it’s a change from the single color kusudama that I usually do.
I can’t find my camera charger, so it’ll be cell phone pictures for a while, sorry.

cherry blossom ball
30 unit. sakuradama by Tomoko Fuse. Tant paper.

haha, I really do like this one. Again, instructions from this are from Tomoko Fuse in Origami Tanteidan #72. This one was done using the light, medium and dark shades in the 3 color pattern, but I wonder if it would look nicer if I changed the arrangement to make transitions between colors less obvious? Having the dark and light pieces juxtaposed feels a bit out of place, since the flower petals come out looking disjointed? Maybe I’ll try this next with the light half of the
clematis flower
7 unit, clematis flower by Makoto Yamaguchi. Tant paper

Instructions came with the pack of paper. Simple and easy to make. I think it would look nice with a lot of these done, and connected in a hanging vine as some sort of wall decoration? Something like the bottle flowers from Anthropologie?

EDIT: Now with photo tutorial here!



  1. LindaSonia said

    Could you possibly post a tutorial for the clematic flower?? Thanks

    • eikosi said

      Hi Linda, I’m actually not sure if I’ll have the time for a while to do any tutorials. If you’re looking for the instructions, I actually think that I’ve seen something like this in one of the Origami Tanteidan magazines before. I’m not sure which issue, but if you look at the magazine’s homepage, there should be an index covering which models are in which issues. Otherwise, let me know later, and if there’s interest, I might be able to do a photo tutorial.

  2. Roberto said

    Hi, its wonderfulllll
    please, send me the diagrams!!!!!!
    Its the most beautiful flower I have seen.

    • eikosi said

      Hi Roberto, Thank you! I will try to post a photo tutorial later, so check back in a few weeks!

  3. Mojca said

    The clematis flower looks gorgeous. I would also like to have a diagram or a tutorial for it.

    • eikosi said

      Thank you so much! I’m a bit busy right now, but I’ll try to have something posted in a few weeks!

  4. […] Look forward to the post with photo instructions for Makoto Yamaguchi’s Clematis Flower coming up later this week! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Sakuradama and Clematis […]

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