Gum Wrapper Icosahedron Stars

More of the 30 unit icosahedron stars from Tomoko Fuse’s Unit Origami, made out of the Wrigley 5 gum wrappers in various colors! Sorry about how the photos came out this time; still using my cellphone.  I meant to give these away, but I forgot… maybe I’ll give it extremely belated;;

foil icosahedron 1

I love this model! Definitely my favorite color combination, since it kind of reminds me of fireworks and flowers. I originally had planned to include this with a set, matching like the color palette with the other items, but oh, even though that didn’t come through, even on its own, I’m really happy with how it came out.

Too bad that I dislike the flavors for these color wrappers. Red is “Flare” (cinnamon), yellow is “Lush” (tropical), and the silver is regular Wrigleys Winterfresh.  Cinnamon is alright, but kind of spicy. Tropical is absolutely disgusting. Regular Winterfresh has a strong sugar taste. So sadly, I’m unlikely to have many more with this colorway.

foil icosahedron 2

I tried a solid variation here, using the “Solstice” (warm and cool winter). I have no idea what that flavor is supposed to be, but I really like it!  I have some ideas for more complex shape models that I might do with gum wrappers, so they’d probably be in this color.
foil icosahedron 3

Well, this model uses the colors from my top three flavors of gum, with dark blue from “Cobalt” (peppermint), green from “Rain” (spearmint), and the light blue again from  “Solstice”.  I actually don’t like how the color combination turned out as much, since it seems a little dark, and the colors aren’t as distinguishable from each other.  I have a lot of these wrappers, so I’ll have to figure out something nicer to do with them. Any suggestions?


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  1. origummi said

    I liked your modulars out of gum wrappers. I fold a lot with them, especially the colored ones from 5 gum. I don’t make model like yours, but I create my own using additional aluminum foil. I like how foil will hold a shape and mold to a curve. Adding a layer of foil helps make the wrappers stronger and hold their shape better. Thanks for sharing your models, they look they took quite a while to make.

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