Morning Glory + Bracelet

morning glory (2)
30 units. Tant paper (Mountain Valley Paper Company). model by Tomoko Fuse in Origami Tanteidan #71.

I really liked how the orange Morning Glory model came out before, so I thought that I would try it with the lighter shades of the Tant Paper. I forgot how time consuming making all those pre-crease and measurement folds was. Time to complete the model: 1 movie, 3 drama episodes. Still, I really do like how the model turns out!

Last time, I had used glue to make sure that the model held steady, but I tried to just rely on the paper this time. The texture of the paper adds friction, so I thought that it would be okay, but I ended up using tape. Glue definitely works better, since the point with last piece that I put in tends to come open. I think I might glue it later.

In this model, you have to cut off a strip to size the square, but I didn’t want to just throw away the scraps. My Starburst bracelet was wearing out and the paper strips looked like the perfect dimensions, so I decided to make them into a bracelet!

morning glory bracelet

I tried to go for a more gradient effect with the color, but I think it seems to be more blocks of color. I don’t really like wearing pink pastels, so I don’t know what to do with this. Well, I suppose that if I did this model again in a different color, I’d be able to do another one.Otherwise, any other ideas for creative uses of the paper strips? oh, maybe quilling!?

P.S. Look forward to the post with photo instructions for Makoto Yamaguchi’s Clematis Flower coming up later this week!


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