Clematis Flower Photo Tutorial

Sorry, I had this post drafted and ready to post for like a week, but life recently has been super busyand FUSION-ful. Gosh, despite all of the things that I went through during winter quarter, Fusion has been one of the most amazing experiences ever, and I am so glad that I joined and stuck with it. I could go on for a lot longer, but since this blog is supposed to be focused on arts and crafts, I’ll keep that to my other blog. 🙂

Anyways, as requested, here is a photo tutorial on how to fold Makoto Yamaguchi’s Clematis Flower! I hope that the steps are clear and easy enough to follow, but please do let me know if you do have questions.
clematis flower step


1. Start with color side up, and fold in half.
clematis flower step

2. Fold edge on top layer to folded edge
clematis flower step

3. Flip over, fold edge on to folded side, and unfold.
clematis flower step

4. Fold top corners down to center.
clematis flower step

5. Flip over, fold bottom right corner to center, and unfold.
clematis flower step

6. Fold left corner, following crease made in 5, and unfold then reverse fold.
clematis flower step

7. Fold point over center line, unfold.
clematis flower step

ASSEMBLY (7 units)

1. Connect units by inserting the bottom corner.
clematis flower step

2. Fold point to lock.
clematis flower step

3. Continue connecting with this method, until all pieces added.
clematis flower step

4. Connect the last pieces, completing the flower!



  1. LindaSonia said

    Thanks for posting this. Haven’t tried it yet, but am happy to have it.

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  3. Vero said

    Are they two slices of paper toghether? What size?
    Thank you!

    • eikosi said

      For this, you use 7 pieces of square paper, all the same size. Each sheet should make one unit, and at the end you assemble all 7 pieces to make the flower.

  4. Vero said

    Sorry i dont understand … do you have a video of this?

    • eikosi said

      Sorry, I don’t have a video for this. Which step are you having trouble with?

  5. Christina said

    I haven’t been here in a while, but so happy to see you posting again! Flower looks great and I think it would make an awesome brooch! I am going to try to make one tonight and if it turns out okay I will post some pictures 🙂 Thanks eikosi!

    • eikosi said

      Thanks so much! And ooh, the brooch idea sounds very interesting. I think that it’d be nice for like earrings or hairclips as well, but not sure how hard it would be to make it that small.. Anyways, definitely do let me know how your project goes! I’d love to see the results! 😀

  6. Mojca said

    Thanks for the tutorial, the flower is beautiful. I will try it as soon as I have some spare time.

  7. Sheila said

    The first three steps confuse me, I feel silly for not understanding. I can’t see what folds (valley, mountain) are being made where.

    • Sheila said

      Actually, never mind! I got it. I just had to observe it more. Thanks for the post! 😀

    • eikosi said

      ah, sorry if the photos weren’t too clear. I’m glad that you got it though! Hope everything else turned out well for you too! 😀

  8. mintyboy said

    can you help me? I’m stuck at #2 and cant figure out at all how it’s folding.

    • eikosi said

      Okay, I’ll try to break down the steps, and make it clear where exactly everything is.

      Going from 1 to 2, after you folded it in half in 1, keep the fold on the left, and the edges on the right. For 2, you take the top layer of paper, fold it to the left, towards the fold.

      Going from 2 to 3, after you flip it over in 2, there should be one layer of paper on the left half, three layers on the right half. For 3, you are folding the single layer on the left to match the right edge.

      Sorry for the late response, but I hope this will be able to clear up any confusion you had!

  9. FoxMensa said

    Красиво, спасибо!

  10. Kana said

    I think you left out the most important part. Don’t you use scissors from 5 to 6 so that when you reverse fold the triangle it can have a whole through which you can bring out from the back? 🙂

    Beautiful tutorial by the way. Thanks a lot.

  11. Patti Cavicchio said

    What size is the completed flower and how big was the piece of paper?

    • eikosi said

      Sorry, it’s been so long since I made this that I don’t remember what I used!
      I think based on the folding, the final piece will be a bit less than 2x the size of the starting square.

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