Spinner Cards

david spin card (4)
For David’s 21st. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I love popups – all the work and thought that goes into engineering something like that makes them seem so special. I think that Robert Sabuda is  one of the most amazing popup artists today. I’m sure that most people have seen his work in bookshops or stationary stores. For this card, I had really wanted to do something like the tornado that actually twists open and spins in his work for Frank L. Baum’s Wizard of Oz book:

I found another example of this spinning mechanism in a popup card by aiai_pop-ups, here.) So amazing! Sadly, I didn’t bring the Oz book with me to school, and I didn’t have enough time to figure out the mechanism.

Anyways, just made a simple card, with an easy twirling motion! Construction should be pretty easy and self-explanatory, but a few things to keep in mind: make sure the hole isn’t cut too closely to the sides, check paper thickness/stability, remember to match the thread color, (work on glue skills)!

david spin card (3)

and ah, sorry, no action shots…

As a bonus, here are some other resources for spinner cards that I came across in my search for Robert Sabuda’s string and skewer method:

Popup Spinner: This card is just awesome. No idea how to tie it into any specific concepts/occasion, but I SO want to try and make this, just to see it work.

This would have been the wrong type of motion for this card, but WOW. This is amazing! I want to try doing this for something.

Ah, so similar, but not exactly what I wanted. It definitely helps to solidify ideas on how Sabuda’s would work though. Could have tried it this time, but time constraints….


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