Hoodie Update + Applique

hehe, late update, as usual… but I finally sewed up the hood lining, so have completed the base for the hoodie!

It was supposed to be Sandshrew, but I couldn’t find the right colors at Jo-Ann’s or at Britex, so for now it’ll just be Girafarig/giraffe. 🙂


  • Fit could be improved – narrow body a bit more, neckline is too large, add curves into side. shoulders too wide.
  • For attaching hood, measure enough allowances for both sides (always has to be MORE than 10/8)
  • Try different method for closing lining? Slipstitch makes it look a little puckered?
  • Remember to put pocket on BEFORE attaching waistband!

I cut and pinned some spots, and tried to applique to the side of the hoodie, but failed. I was using embroidery thread and needle, trying to do a satin stitch. It’s hard to pass the needle through all the layers of fabric, especially since the embroidery floss is much thicker, and the polar fleece is quite tight. I kept shredding the cut flannel piece when trying to sew through it. Maybe my technique is wrong, but this approach hasn’t really been working for me.  I think that I’ll have to postpone finishing, until I go back home, and then I can use the sewing machine to attach the spots then.

Anyways, with that in some resources for applique:



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