random cards (April)

ahhh, I failed at the once/week update goal, but life has been really busy as of the past few weeks (see DD&D for more info). Because of that, arts and crafts projects have mostly been on hold, but here are a few more cards from April with random thoughts. Also, SO sorry to any people I’ve missed doing a card for this year. ><

anh card1
anh card2

I’m pretty happy with this! Totally obsessed with those flourishes and that bracketing swirl. Just wish that I had time to finish it off with an envelope. Would like to work on my penmanship.

priscilla 1
priscilla 2
priscilla 3

Here, I tried something new for the “envelope” part, using a trifolded paper, secured by paper cut belt. It works pretty well, but I don’t know if it would stand up to being put in the post. Favorite part for this is definitely the lettering/numbering. Think I will experiment with the effect of the foil paper backing. Would like to have a gold metallic pen, and see if I can make the pen I have come out with thinner



  1. anh said

    you are way cool.
    love your posts.
    esp since i’m mentioned in it =)

    • eikosi said

      hahaha, thanks anh! 😀 and yes, you are way cool too. XD

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