Popup Birdcage Card/Happy Mother’s Day

I lost my camera last Wednesday, but this Sunday, I woke up and was holding it. I have no idea where it came from, but that was something awesome in the midst of  hell week. Anyways, a belated Mother’s Day post, now that I have pictures! Other pictures available at flickr!

Also, first half of Mother’s Day post here: Kawasaki Rose!

Please excuse any/all no-sleep induced ramblings. 🙂

popup birdcage card (7)

I love this card so much! With all the time and thought invested in making this card, what better occasion than Mother’s Day to give it? Verbally expressing emotions is hard, so I hope that my creative effort can communicate my sincerity and affection instead.


popup birdcage card (2)

Popup is designed by HIROKO from Canon.

“This charming new pop-up card features a little bird flying out from a white birdcage. The bird can carry a heart, letter or other object of your choice in its beak. Choose from three different backgrounds to make the perfect card for your friends’ birthdays, weddings or other occasions. Write a heartfelt message inside and send it with a present.”

Delicately complex, beautifully symbolic, and really just lovely overall. I love the caged bird and heart: so expressive and touching. Left off the ribbon on the top of the cage, since I thought it would be too much, especially just out of paper. On the other hand, I think if a real ribbon was attached instead, the effect might be nice.

popup birdcage card (2)
Execution of the design is time consuming, since there are so many small pieces that all must be cut and glued precisely. I think that I remember spending like 7+ hours to finish this pop-up part alone. For construction, I had trouble with gluing the support pieces correctly, and getting them to stick. If I did this design again, would have to work on that, because the way it is now, the bird doesn’t pop out of the cage doors perfectly – a bit unhappy about that. Next time, also would perhaps simplify the design. Rather than cutting each bar separately and gluing together, I might be able to just cut each plane as a grid instead. In general, glueing should be done more neatly, perhaps using a brush and tweezer.

popup birdcage card
I’m very happy with the design for the front cover of the card! Quite nice for the result of in-class doodling sessions, marking the beginning of my obsession with the bracketing frame and the swirling details, inspired by the Anthropologie logo. Also love the combination of colors and textures! Perhaps gold foil detailing could be made more visible by changing the contrasting paper choice, but I love how the red and pink and yellow all come out together, giving me a sort of bright and happy and hopeful feeling. I’m going to look for my scanned sketch and definitely save it for future use!

popup birdcage card (3)
Added a design to the inside of the card, since I felt it was looking a bit drab with just the gray cardstock. A continuation of the same color palette and design style from the cover, which I think carried out fairly well. Still a bit unsure on the design for the edges, since it seems unbalanced. Also, I messed up on gluing for the inside fold – I forgot to cut in half to preventing added bulk and wrinkling. Still, I don’t think that error is all too noticeable. For next time, I’ll make sure to keep in mind the desired color for the inner center part, BEFORE gluing on the final popup.

Ahh, I almost don’t want to send away this card. Conflicted? Well, but there’s no use in just saving this card to keep it in a drawer, collecting dust, never to be appreciated by anyone but me? My mom is definitely worth it, so no regrets!

Happy Mother’s Day!




  1. Carol said

    I made this one and it didn’t come out perfectly, either. I DID redraw the cage as a grid, which worked well; and simplified some of the other parts. Still, my roof doesn’t fit as well as I would like.



    • eikosi said

      Ooh. That seems really nice!
      I might try doing this again later with some of tour modifications. 😀

  2. […] Also, second part of Mother’s Day post here: Popup Birdcage Card! […]

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