knitting progress

Two summers ago, I knitted this mini-capelet. Loved the yarn color, and tried knitting the My So Called Scarf with it too. Unfortunately I didn’t have quite enough yarn left to finish, so ended up putting it on hold.

Really, over the past two years, I haven’t been making use of the capelet, so today I finally decided to frog it, to use the yarn and finish the scarf. Seeing my hours of work unraveled within the course of under a half hour was kind of sad. Still, I guess I shouldn’t be hung up on a piece that never really worked out in the first place. I’m happy now though, since the new scarf though is turning out especially well!

Love the texture and the color. Still… I’m not sure how much use a scarf is going to get when I’m back in SD. 😛

Also, after this is done, I hope to start on a much more ambitious knitting project! Behold the Central Park Hoodie available from interweave. Bought the yarn last summer, but am finally getting around to it now (hopefully)…

From this:

To this!


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