variagated yarn and the chinese waves dishcloth

auh, I feel betrayed. See this lovely ball of yarn: my favorite sort of green, a sunny yellow, and a pale blue, all set against the white. Oh so promising.

In need of some easy knitting, I decided to try out this Chinese Waves patterened dishcloth

But, what comes out of this union between a lovely yarn and a handsomely textured pattern? This terribly kitschy piece of cloth:

Augh. I can not take how the striping came out. Perhaps I made the wrong match-up? La. But from now, I must be more cautious about buying these sorts of self-striping yarns. 😛

ETA. Finished, and am horribly becoming fond of this dishcloth. It lies so flat! The holes are so exact! The lines looking like little dashes of color! Can I say that the up close, the striping even looks kind of modern? chinese waves
Oh, I wish I’d done one of these in a tasteful solid. A red, a beige, a grey. something…

PS. Sorry, a warning for soon-to-come post spamming; I’ve backlog of posts to write and put up. 😛


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