end of the summer projects

I’m back in SD, and there’s only about one week left until school starts. Time really has flown! Anyways, let’s take a look at what WIPs I managed to knock off since the last post.

Pokemon Hoodie: I didn’t even take out the box with this project while I was at home. So, the project’s status is still the same. But darn, it would have only taken maybe a day or two to finish this up. Maybe during winter break?

Cherie Amour: Did not complete this, sigh. I’ve knitted up the whole body segment, but still have the sleeves and finishing to go. I’m knitting the sleeves in the round, to avoid seaming. I’m kind of tired of working this lace pattern, and am dreading attempting to join the sleeves with the armholes. Perhaps this project will go into hibernation for another few months.

Central Park Hoodie: haha. What a joke. I still haven’t even cast on for this project. I think that I’m procrastinating, since it’ll be my first actual garment project, and that I really want it to come out well. Maybe I’ll start this after I have a more solid concept of gauge and swatching.

Dragonskin: Started and finished it! I really like the pattern, the subtle arc of the scales, and how it looks so smooth still. But, oops, I think I ruined this with a poor choice in yarn. I tried to use the last of the Lily Sugar n Cream in the Potpourri colorway, but ran out halfway through. Decided to continue with the rest of the Summer Splash colorway, just to finish it off. And ERGH, it came out so awkwardly. Also, made a mistake cabling with the Summer Splash, so they’re reversed. I think I need to do this in a solid, perhaps a deep wineish or burgundy red, or a heather gray. But well, at the very least, it’s a good fit for the DS.
dragonskin front

Ravenclaw Dashing: Yes! I am done with this. I’m not entirely sure about the placement of the stripes, but still, I think that everything came out quite well. The yarn is nice and soft, and since it’s acrylic, it should totally be machine washable too.
ravenclaw dashing 3

Biwa, Mer du Sud: I still don’t know what I want to do with this. If I do a triangular shawl, maybe it’ll become Springtime Bandit or Traveling Woman. But then, I don’t think I can pull off a shawl like that. So, maybe I should turn this into a more regular rectangular scarf, a la Spring Leaves? I really do like these lacy leaf based patterns. But, instead of a scarf or shawl, maybe I could try to do this ProtoPretty DNA Sweater Shell? Since I’m still not done with the DNA scarf, I really want something with that amazing chart. But anyways, I left this cone at home, so all decisions postponed to winter break at least.

Pebble Beach: I found two potential patterns for this, but can’t decide which one to go with! I still really like the Ester shrug, but the charts look intimidating, and I do not get what that “No Stitch” means in the Set-Up row. I think if I actually start, I’ll be able to figure it out, but for now, it’s just scary!  The safer choice I could go with would be the Green Day vest. I get most of the instructions, and it seems like a much faster knit. But then, which one of these would be worn more often? The color and the nubby texture of this yarn makes it challenging to decide.

embroider faces onto GRR: DONE! Actually finished this up at home after finding my plastic needle. I think these came out super cute, with the faces just so smiley and d’awwww. I hope that I secured the embroidery on correctly, and that the faces won’t come loose and get messed up when the washcloth is actually in use!
grrr 1

stuff, sew, embroider Squiddy: Almost done! Gah. I hate running out of yarn when trying to finish a project. Decided to leave the poor squid with only six legs, two of them extra thin, and just finish up the project. Stuffed and sewed it shut, but still have to embroider the face. I might try to felt a bit, since this was done in Cascade 220 wool, as opposed to a cheap acrylic yarn. Hopefully this will come out well!

add findings for crochet earrings: Finished! I tied the smaller crochet circles onto a pair of the sterling silver findings I’d bought from Michaels. They make for a lovely pop of color, not too overstated. The larger ones are a bit too much for me.
crochet earrings small 3

Not too bad I suppose? With so little time before life sets in for fall, I should probably be trying to finish up Cherie Amour, but I’m lacking interest. Instead, I’m trying to finally finish up a crochet project instead: Jiji the Cat. Cast on for this in September 2009, and I’ve totally forgotten what part of the pattern that I’m on. I’ve no idea how to count rows in crochet, but I think I can guess. Also, I’ve totally forgotten how to use the stitch markers in crochet. Yep. I wonder how well this is going to go.


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