stuffed animals

Stuffed crocheted animals can be called amigurumi, but I wonder what term you use when they’re made by knitting instead.  According to Wikipedia, amigurumi is a designation for both knitted and crocheted animals. but when I hear amigurmi, my only associaton is with crochet.  Oh well..

Anyways, whatever you want to call it, here are two stuffed creatures. One knitted squid and one crocheted cat.

Yay for Squiddy! I totally finished most of this two years ago, during my first obsession with knitting. I used Cascade Wool 220, purchased somehwere while I was in Alaska.  Earlier, I had knitted up a pair of Dashing fingerless gloves with the skein, so while this was still in progress, I ran out of yarn.  I decided to hibernate the project, discouraged, and finally decided to just finish Squiddy this week.  So, that’s why this poor squid only has six appendages: two tentacles and four arms.

I tried to do a french knot for the eyes, as instructed, but I didn’t really get how it was supposed to be done, especially since I didn’t have a tapestry needle.  Instead, I made up this weird loopy knot using the crochet hook, and now the right eye is a bit loose. :/  I should learn how to do french knots for real though.  There’re some amazing projects done with them, like this moon. OH, actually THIS MOON is the one that I was thinking about.

And here’s Jiji the Cat! It’s supposed to look like the one in the Ghibli movie, Kiki’s Delivery Service. It’s not quite done, but I forgot my pink yarn at home, so I’ll have to embroider a nose on later, then stitch the eyes on as well.  I think it still looks cute, despite my crocheting errors.

At one point in the pattern, it mentions to crochet through only the back loop. I didn’t know what that meant, so found this website to explain.  Apparently, the way I’d been crocheting wasn’t normal, and so I had done the whole head and body already entirely through the back loops.  I still wanted to have some distinction at that row, so I instead crocheted through only the front loop. 😛  I wonder if this is the reason why there are all these unattractive holes by the increases or decreases, or if they’re  just my mistakes.

And so, that brings a real close to my summer projects. If I’ve time, I think I’ll actually try to finish and attach the sleeves of ma Cherie Amour, or finish up the DNA scarf…. Or maybe it’ll be another year or so before things get done again. 😛


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