paper strip weaving – thank you cards

Oh wow, it’s been like half a year since I posted here… Life has been super busy just with classes, work, clubs. It’s only now in the second half of summer, when I find myself with more free time for arts and crafts stuff.

Anyways, here is a set of thank you cards that I’m going to be sending out for my birthday (turned 21, yay!). I made these on Tuesday and Wednesday while watching the most recent season of Project Runway!

thanks all

These are pretty simple, just woven strips of paper. I was very inspired by this post from

I think it looks pretty good! My favorite is the one with this pattern:

thanks close

The only thing that I really dislike about this project is the finishing. Like for cutting -not exactly straight, piecing the strips together – some gaps between, and spacing of the word is not exactly centered. Also, maybe the contrast between the colors could be better?

Still a fun project, and not terribly time consuming. Each card takes approximately one hour to finish. There are lots of ways to adapt this as well!


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