winter break 2011

Winter break is finally here! That means that there’s actually time for arts and crafts now!

Oh I actually made this cute gift bag from a scrapbook sheet paper that I wanted to share with you guys later! haha, there are a lot of imperfections, but I think there’s definitely a seed of something there!

Anyways, you guys should know that I have this terrible habit of buying materials and not starting a project, or even if I do start, never finishing it.  There are so many WIPs for me to complete over winter break (see the project planning category for more).  Realistically, here’s what I’m going to try to work on (and what you guys can look forward to!):

Pokemon Hoodie– I’m so lazy to go set up the sewing machine…. Have to seam rip the bottom band out, add the pockets, resew, sew on the spots, finishing touches. Really not that much.. I WILL work on this! I will start after I get back fromVegas/LA, since there are plans for the rest of the week…

DNA scarf– hahaha. I’ve had this project going since I first got into knitting in 2008. WOW, that’s four years! I keep putting this off, because I keep losing my place when reading the chart. Also I was not smart and knit this at a gauge that is way too tight. It curls terribly. Hopefully I will be able to finish this!

CPH– I really want to work on this some more! I don’t think that I can finish, but let’s make the goal be getting to 50%?

Knit belt– I found a spare pair of D-rings in my drawers, so I want to try and make a belt! I will look through my stash for any of the Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, but otherwise will buy more. FOR SURE if I start this, I will finish.

misc.– As for other crafty things, I actually bought a pad of Christmas scrapbook paper from Michaels! Even though I have so much paper already, the pad was 60% off today, so I couldn’t resist. I guess I will try to make some Christmas cards in advance for next year. Otherwise I will try to use it for gift tags and wrapping this year too!


So those things are what’s planned for now. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress, so you can look forward to (hopefully) more regular updates for this month. 🙂


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