crochet cats

Hello again! Here’s the first post with actual content for winter break! So, even though last time I said I was going to try to work on my WIPs, I decided to work on something different entirely.

Last year or so, I made my first crochet project, a black cat, supposed to look like the one from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. (I love that movie!!) I ended up changing the eyes/nose a bit, so my project looks like just a generic black cat. 😛

Today, my family had an early Christmas party with my aunt and uncle, since we are going to be in Vegas/Los Angeles over Christmas. Since we were exchanging gifts, I decided to make another one of the crochet cats to give to my aunt and uncle.

crochet cats
(The original one to the left, and the newer one to the right.)

Random thoughts under the cut!

I was actually wondering, why is the one I made first so much larger, if I followed the same pattern, using the same yarn. I then realized that I must have used a different hook size….  Actually over break, I lost my knitting accesories/crochet hooks.  I went out Wednesday to get the size H/5.00mm, because that’s the one recommended on the yarn ball band.  But on the pattern, it recommends size G/4.00mm, so I ended up using that hook to make the cat. So pointless going out to buy  the new one. 😛   I must have used the 5.00mm last time though.

Haha, I think the original looks kind of dopey. It’s still cute, but I like the smaller one much better.

I still have maybe a fist-sized ball of black yarn left, so am considering making another one. OR!! Maybe try to adapt the pattern/find a new one and make a black dog instead?



  1. Your cats are funny and cute! They surely lift up one´s mood when looking at them 🙂

    • eikosi said

      aw, haha thanks!! I do think looking at cute things puts you in a more cheerful mood. 🙂

  2. […] I’ll also bring the scrap black yarn to make another crochet cat/dog? Really not sure if there is enough yarn though… I think I should probably save it to use in […]

  3. Deb said

    Such a crafty person you are. The black cats are cute.

  4. […] the Ravelry pattern database, and found this pattern for a crochet scarf. After having made the crochet cats, I was in the mood for crochet. I think crochet projects are faster than knitting ones […]

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