end of winter break

I actually drafted this post on my phone while waiting for my flight back to school.  I’m back now,

So over break, a few projects got done:

  • Crochet Cat
  • DNA Scarf
  • 2 Queen Anne’s Lace Scarves
  • Pop heart amigurumi
  • Autumn in Garrison hat
  • 1 of the DNA fingerless gloves

But some projects continued their long hibernation:

  • CPH
  • Pokemon Hoodie

And now I’m going back to school, where there won’t be as much free time. Still, I brought back my knitting and crochet supplies, hoping to get maybe one or two projects underway!

I’m bringing my remnants of my Caron’s simply soft for the Ravenclaw scarf, 2 skeins in a forest green, and 1 skein in a bright blue.

Actually, right before we left for the airport, I was browsing patterns in Ravelry, and stumbled across this one for the Phoenix Wright Hobo hat. So perfect! I had to stop off at Michaels to buy a pink for the “PaPa” part. I wanted to get something from the same line, so was considering Caron’s Simply Soft in Watermelon. It did seem a bit too bright though, so I ended up going with Debbie Bliss’ Snapdragon. I’m so excited! Now I have to look for a source for that pin. 🙂


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