paper and polyhedra is an arts and crafts blog, tracking current/future/past projects and other inspirations.

eikosi (i’-kos-ee) is the Greek word meaning twenty.
Twenty is the number of triangular faces on an icosahedron!

I mainly do scrapbooking/card making, origami, and knitting/crochet. I used to do a bit of sewing, but I’m not that good yet.  I’d love to get into more electronic stuff, with circuits, robots, etc., like the things shown on MAKE .

If you can’t tell already, I’m a huge geek. I have been in any number of fandoms (list to come!), and love doing geeky crafts: DNA patterned top, Ravenclaw scarves, TARDIS armwarmers, etc. One day, I would love to make a full cosplay outfit (wig, props, and all).

Hope that you enjoy!


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