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With day100 just ended, I wanted to post something new here, especially since it’s been so long. Lately, I’ve been under a lot of pressure, and haven’t really found the time to do anything seriously crafty. So, here’s the beginning of a (hopefully) new series featuring people and ideas that I love.

Takahashi Masakazu (via BoingBoing) – papercraft robots, creatures, and more from consumer packaging.

I really like how he upcycles from materials that would otherwise have gone to waste. It’s amazing how he is able to see the potential of each piece to transform. His work actually reminds me of the fanart at the World of Coca Cola, having cars and motorcycles made out of Coca Cola cans. Creative people are simply amazing. On his website, there are a ton of his other creations to see, but here is a small sampling of my favorites:

Yulia Brodskaya – quilling-inspired paper typography.

THIS THIS THIS. I discovered her earlier last year, and have been in love with her work ever since. Her combination of typography and paper was just so unique and it totally hits everything that I fall for.  I’m crazy about her flowy, swirly style, her color combinations, and her concept. This is a very small selection of my favorites from her collection of works, so definitely go check out her website. There are so many amazing and inspirational pieces. You are going to love her, I guarantee.

I really want to do a piece in this style, but why does all my nice paper have to be only single sided color?! I also would love to find somewhere that I can purchase a print or something…

Lena Wolff (postcards available on etsy) – pinpricks, painting and papercraft.

I love her style, her choice of colors, the material she works with. I am in love with the circle motif, but especially the paper feathers. Definitely an inspirational and exciting artist. I’ve linked her website, but you can also purchase her works in postcard form on etsy as well. (BEHIND THE SCENES + INTERVIEW)

Amazing video work! Their concept is so innovative, and I love the scenes that they incorporate. Seeing this makes me want to find the paint chips that I collected, and try to recreate their animated scenes with real paper.

Tyrone Stevenson, aka Baybe Champ, the Scraper Bike King

Seriously, read the interview and watch this video. Inspirational use of DIY to bring out the creative spirit and affect positive change in the East Oakland community. He’s only 20, but has such ambition and vision. GMH. Seeing people who have done so much already makes me want to become a better person, to find a purpose and passion to strive for. I want to change the world.

Scrapertown from California is a place. on Vimeo.


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