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christmas thank you cards

Here’s a quick post with the cards. Tomorrow I’ll try to weave in ends, possibly block the knitting/crochet stuff, so I can do a photoshoot. 🙂

thank you christmas 2011

thank you christmas2 2011
Made 3 in this style.

I pulled 9 sheets from the Christmas scrapbooking pad that I bought last month, made 12 cards. All of these are pretty simple. I matched it to the size of the other cards we are sending out, so they can be in the same envelope.
I think my favorite is the first in the first row or the middle in the center row. 🙂 The penguin is cute though.

While doing the lettering, I started listening to The Hunger Games audiobook. So excited for the movie!


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paper scrap cards

To use up the scrap paper from the paper strip woven thank you cards, I decided to make some more cards:

paper scrap all

I’m still in to the look of paper weaving, so this continues that theme with the strips woven into a triangle.  They’re all of assorted sizes and colors, to add more interest. I backed it with white paper, so that it shows up better on the background paper. I think that it’d probably look better with a more solid color background actually, so that there is more contrast. Anyways, I really like how it sort of looks like a fancy knot.  There’s an empty space left in one of the corners, so that I have a place to add text in later. Will still have to think about how best to incorporate it though.

Here’s my favorite of the bunch:
paper scrap close

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paper strip weaving – thank you cards

Oh wow, it’s been like half a year since I posted here… Life has been super busy just with classes, work, clubs. It’s only now in the second half of summer, when I find myself with more free time for arts and crafts stuff.

Anyways, here is a set of thank you cards that I’m going to be sending out for my birthday (turned 21, yay!). I made these on Tuesday and Wednesday while watching the most recent season of Project Runway!

thanks all

These are pretty simple, just woven strips of paper. I was very inspired by this post from

I think it looks pretty good! My favorite is the one with this pattern:

thanks close

The only thing that I really dislike about this project is the finishing. Like for cutting -not exactly straight, piecing the strips together – some gaps between, and spacing of the word is not exactly centered. Also, maybe the contrast between the colors could be better?

Still a fun project, and not terribly time consuming. Each card takes approximately one hour to finish. There are lots of ways to adapt this as well!

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thank you cards

thank you cards
Set of six cards, cardstock.

Nothing too fancy, but this was fun to play around with weaving the strips and cutting the slits. Some designs are much better than others. I would have experimented a bit more, but am currently out of the black cardstock.  Glue job done rather messily, so a definite overall handmade vibe to this.

Keeping with the same general style of card, a good idea would be changing color combination, angle, length, width, pattern, other sorts of material (ribbon, strings, yarn/thread. magazine bits, newspaper… anything flat-ish!).  And ooh, some of those shiny jewels would not go amiss.

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Popup Birdcage Card/Happy Mother’s Day

I lost my camera last Wednesday, but this Sunday, I woke up and was holding it. I have no idea where it came from, but that was something awesome in the midst of  hell week. Anyways, a belated Mother’s Day post, now that I have pictures! Other pictures available at flickr!

Also, first half of Mother’s Day post here: Kawasaki Rose!

Please excuse any/all no-sleep induced ramblings. 🙂

popup birdcage card (7)

I love this card so much! With all the time and thought invested in making this card, what better occasion than Mother’s Day to give it? Verbally expressing emotions is hard, so I hope that my creative effort can communicate my sincerity and affection instead.


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random cards (April)

ahhh, I failed at the once/week update goal, but life has been really busy as of the past few weeks (see DD&D for more info). Because of that, arts and crafts projects have mostly been on hold, but here are a few more cards from April with random thoughts. Also, SO sorry to any people I’ve missed doing a card for this year. ><

anh card1
anh card2

I’m pretty happy with this! Totally obsessed with those flourishes and that bracketing swirl. Just wish that I had time to finish it off with an envelope. Would like to work on my penmanship.

priscilla 1
priscilla 2
priscilla 3

Here, I tried something new for the “envelope” part, using a trifolded paper, secured by paper cut belt. It works pretty well, but I don’t know if it would stand up to being put in the post. Favorite part for this is definitely the lettering/numbering. Think I will experiment with the effect of the foil paper backing. Would like to have a gold metallic pen, and see if I can make the pen I have come out with thinner

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random cards

For my mom and my aunt’s birthdays. They’re twins! So awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I LOVE YOU!

Mostly, I tried to use the paper left over from other random projects, so making these is pretty simple – just matching and arranging the pieces.

mom card
mom card (2)

I like this one the most: unified feeling and bright color scheme. I love doing this kind of lettering too – so flowy feeling. Should work on making sure edges are smooth and coloring is even.

aunt card
aunt card (2)

This one is more randomly thrown together, so it kind of feels like elements are clashing – decorative versus geometric style. Interior and text work need work. Also, a tip: DO NOT use glue on vellum paper. Even after it dries, the glue markings will show through like this. I suppose double stick tape would be the best option.

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