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Morning Glory + Bracelet

morning glory (2)
30 units. Tant paper (Mountain Valley Paper Company). model by Tomoko Fuse in Origami Tanteidan #71.

I really liked how the orange Morning Glory model came out before, so I thought that I would try it with the lighter shades of the Tant Paper. I forgot how time consuming making all those pre-crease and measurement folds was. Time to complete the model: 1 movie, 3 drama episodes. Still, I really do like how the model turns out!

Last time, I had used glue to make sure that the model held steady, but I tried to just rely on the paper this time. The texture of the paper adds friction, so I thought that it would be okay, but I ended up using tape. Glue definitely works better, since the point with last piece that I put in tends to come open. I think I might glue it later.

In this model, you have to cut off a strip to size the square, but I didn’t want to just throw away the scraps. My Starburst bracelet was wearing out and the paper strips looked like the perfect dimensions, so I decided to make them into a bracelet!

morning glory bracelet

I tried to go for a more gradient effect with the color, but I think it seems to be more blocks of color. I don’t really like wearing pink pastels, so I don’t know what to do with this. Well, I suppose that if I did this model again in a different color, I’d be able to do another one.Otherwise, any other ideas for creative uses of the paper strips? oh, maybe quilling!?

P.S. Look forward to the post with photo instructions for Makoto Yamaguchi’s Clematis Flower coming up later this week!


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Gum Wrapper Icosahedron Stars

More of the 30 unit icosahedron stars from Tomoko Fuse’s Unit Origami, made out of the Wrigley 5 gum wrappers in various colors! Sorry about how the photos came out this time; still using my cellphone.  I meant to give these away, but I forgot… maybe I’ll give it extremely belated;;

foil icosahedron 1

I love this model! Definitely my favorite color combination, since it kind of reminds me of fireworks and flowers. I originally had planned to include this with a set, matching like the color palette with the other items, but oh, even though that didn’t come through, even on its own, I’m really happy with how it came out.

Too bad that I dislike the flavors for these color wrappers. Red is “Flare” (cinnamon), yellow is “Lush” (tropical), and the silver is regular Wrigleys Winterfresh.  Cinnamon is alright, but kind of spicy. Tropical is absolutely disgusting. Regular Winterfresh has a strong sugar taste. So sadly, I’m unlikely to have many more with this colorway.

foil icosahedron 2

I tried a solid variation here, using the “Solstice” (warm and cool winter). I have no idea what that flavor is supposed to be, but I really like it!  I have some ideas for more complex shape models that I might do with gum wrappers, so they’d probably be in this color.
foil icosahedron 3

Well, this model uses the colors from my top three flavors of gum, with dark blue from “Cobalt” (peppermint), green from “Rain” (spearmint), and the light blue again from  “Solstice”.  I actually don’t like how the color combination turned out as much, since it seems a little dark, and the colors aren’t as distinguishable from each other.  I have a lot of these wrappers, so I’ll have to figure out something nicer to do with them. Any suggestions?

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More Folding with Gum Wrappers

ah, sorry about the delay again. Life this quarter has been quite hectic. I’ve been mostly writing on my other blog, so I felt like something here should get an update too! These models are all from last year, so they’re not really “new”, but I thought that I would post about them anyways. Four models this time, all from Tomoko Fuse’s Unit Polyhedron Origami.

90 unit, double sided concave hexagonal ring unit (?). gum wrappers.
This one was hard to assemble, and wasn’t especially sturdy. If not handled gently, it would come apart, and after I transported it from back home from school, I had to reassemble, using tape on the inside to keep it in shape. Would definitely try making something like this again, but I’ll have to collect a lot more wrappers, haha.

30 unit, double sided convex hexagonal ring unit (?). gum wrappers.
Nothing especially difficult about this piece, but it was hard to figure out exactly how to string it up.

30 unit, diagonally folded triangle unit. gum wrappers.
I think that this model comes together really well with gum wrappers! Putting the last piece in place is a challenge, since it’s difficult to do without causing folds and other dents in the other peaks.

30 unit icosahedron, candy wrapper.
This one was made from the wrappers from the gummy candies! Since the pieces were cut small, it was very difficult to assemble, compounded by the fact that the foil wrappers tended to curl and did not keep shape well. I ended up using blue tape on the inside to keep it together. It came out cute, but I think that if I were to use the wrappers again, I’d use larger pieces.

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Diamond Bridge, folding with gum wrappers

Haven’t found the author of the Rhombic Icoasahedron yet, but I found the original Flickr picture I was looking at, here, done by steffi.

diamond bridge

I saw the model listed on MM’s origami gallery, and thought that I would give it a try. It’s designed by Miyuki Kawamura, usng 1:2 ratio paper.

I haven’t posted some of the older pictures of my gum wrapper origami, but I really love trying to make models with the gum foil paper. I just love the shiny, metallic look! My favorite is the Wrigley’s 5 gum, because their wrappers come in so many different colors too! This model is from the Cobalt flavor foil.

Folding with gum foil takes a lot longer than folding with regular paper does. The foil isn’t as stiff, and it doesn’t have as much friction. So then, when you try to fold modular pieces, more often than not, you should use tape.

For this model, The pieces are pretty easy to fold, and I think assembly wouldn’t have been too difficult, if I wasn’t trying to use gum wrappers. I ended up taping the edges, but even so, it’s a little unstable. The model tends to flatten out on the shelf, since its so open. I think it’s better to do models that have less open spaces, like Tomoko Fuse’s diagonally folded unit, for gum wrappers.

Later, I might do a tutorial post, or something like that, for folding with gum wrappers.

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Rhombic Icosahedron

rhombic icosahedron

Followed instructions from a Flickr image that I saved at one point, but I can’t remember the author now. If anyone knows who the designer is, let me know?

Used a cute yellow bunny print paper from the care package that my grandma sent to me! There are still a ton of pieces left, so you can expect a lot more pieces to come using this type of paper!

The model is really simple to fold, and only took me around 1.5 hours to finish making the pieces. Assembly is a little fiddly, so you have to be delicate when putting all the pieces together. It holds without glue, so you can get it to work! I actually like this model a lot, but I think it came out a bit smaller than I expected.

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Stellated Icosahedron

stellated icosahedron paint chip

I used the rest of the paint chips that I lifted from Home Depot that were left after I made the Pointsettia origami. Model is the Diagonal unit from Tomoko Fuse’s Unit Polyhedron Origami.

The paint chips were difficult to fold still, since they’re so thick. Assembly was really annoying as well, and actually it didn’t turn out too prettily. There are a lot of marks from my creases and then holes from not assembling tightly. The lesson is still the same: dont cut paint chips too small. These were about 1 x 2 in.

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Paint Chip Icosahedron

Just settled into the college dorms! I have so much stuff, even though I wasn’t able to bring all of my paper supplies. So far, the suitemates seem okay, though I’m not sure about all of them.

I was going to transfer the posts here to wordpress, but for some reason the import function isn’t working for me, so I guess that I’ll just have to manually copy over the entries later.

There’s a dance tonight, so I’ll probably be going with L, D, and people, then to the afterparty. Looking forward to Tuesday movies with TH and W.

icosahedron paint chip

Anyways, mini-project is this icosahedron from paintchips! It’s just scored and glued together, so its nothing fancy, but I think that it looks good for that amount of work! Pictures to come later.

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