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useful origami boxes

Currently, I’m in the middle of FINALS week! Of course that means lots of studying, and studying means lots of snacking. 😀  But what are you to do if you have a bag of gummy bears, and nowhere to put them?  Answer: Fold a box!

Over the past year, I’ve made dozens of these boxes. They’re incredibly useful for holding snacks or random things, or use as a scoop.

First up is a box from the English Origami Club website: “A Garbage Bin”.

Instructions call for using a two-page spread of newspaper to fold the box, but I usually use scrap paper. (Old MMW paper photocopies anyone?) If using the standard letter-size sheet, this makes a box about 2 inches in each dimension.  Often used for candy, cereal, raisins.

I also make this second, larger box pretty frequently. I forgot where I learned how to do it from, but here are some instructions. Text-only for now, but pictures to come later. EDIT: Actually, I found a link again, and what do you know, it’s from the Origami Club again, entitled “A Garbage Bin 2”

This also uses a piece of scrap paper.

  1. Fold paper in half top to bottom.
  2. Fold in half left to right, and unfold
  3. Fold top left and right corners in to center line, and unfold
  4. Inside reverse corners.
  5. Fold left and right sides towards center line, so that vertical part matches with the crease.
  6. Fold up edge excess paper to meet the bottom edge of the triangle, then fold up again. Bottom should now be flush.
  7. Flip over, then repeat Step 5-6 on this other side of the paper.
  8. Fold top triangle point down to bottom edge, and unfold.
  9. Open from bottom edge, flatten bottom of the box.
  10. FINISHED! 😀

Final dimensions, if starting from a letter-sized paper are approximately 4×4 inch square, 2 inches in height. Useful for chips, pretzels, cereal!

Well, break time is up, and I really must get back to studying for ochem (and snacking on my box of raisins).  Good luck to everyone who is studying, and have fun to people who are not? Anyways, I hope that this post was useful/instructive for you!


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Clematis Flower Photo Tutorial

Sorry, I had this post drafted and ready to post for like a week, but life recently has been super busyand FUSION-ful. Gosh, despite all of the things that I went through during winter quarter, Fusion has been one of the most amazing experiences ever, and I am so glad that I joined and stuck with it. I could go on for a lot longer, but since this blog is supposed to be focused on arts and crafts, I’ll keep that to my other blog. 🙂

Anyways, as requested, here is a photo tutorial on how to fold Makoto Yamaguchi’s Clematis Flower! I hope that the steps are clear and easy enough to follow, but please do let me know if you do have questions.
clematis flower step


1. Start with color side up, and fold in half.
clematis flower step

2. Fold edge on top layer to folded edge
clematis flower step

3. Flip over, fold edge on to folded side, and unfold.
clematis flower step

4. Fold top corners down to center.
clematis flower step

5. Flip over, fold bottom right corner to center, and unfold.
clematis flower step

6. Fold left corner, following crease made in 5, and unfold then reverse fold.
clematis flower step

7. Fold point over center line, unfold.
clematis flower step

ASSEMBLY (7 units)

1. Connect units by inserting the bottom corner.
clematis flower step

2. Fold point to lock.
clematis flower step

3. Continue connecting with this method, until all pieces added.
clematis flower step

4. Connect the last pieces, completing the flower!

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