going on a trip!

Hello all, I’ll be away until December 27th, visiting my grandparents in LA, going to Vegas with the family, and enjoying the holidays.

Crafts-wise, I’m going to bring the DNA scarf project. I think I just need 2 more pattern repeats until I finally finish! So most likely you can check back in a week or so and see the finished scarf! πŸ™‚

Maybe I’ll also bring the scrap black yarn to make another crochet cat/dog? Really not sure if there is enough yarn though… I think I should probably save it to use in other projects. Black is such a common color. I was thinking of finding some patterns for amigurumi Zelda figures?
I should really bring the CPH, but there’s way too much stuff to bring for that project. Eventually I will finish it!
Or I could bring the random pink yarn I have and try making hearts? Should start that early. πŸ˜›

So, well, as you can see, even though it’s the morning before I leave, I’m still not exactly sure what to pack. OH, I have to find my DS and the charger to bring those for sure!

Anyways, that’s it for my rambling. Warm wishes for the holidays, and I hope everyone is able to spend it with their families/friends/loved ones. πŸ˜€ See you all in a week or so

Happy Holidays!


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crochet cats

Hello again! Here’s the first post with actual content for winter break! So, even though last time I said I was going to try to work on my WIPs, I decided to work on something different entirely.

Last year or so, I made my first crochet project, a black cat, supposed to look like the one from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. (I love that movie!!) I ended up changing the eyes/nose a bit, so my project looks like just a generic black cat. πŸ˜›

Today, my family had an early Christmas party with my aunt and uncle, since we are going to be in Vegas/Los Angeles over Christmas. Since we were exchanging gifts, I decided to make another one of the crochet cats to give to my aunt and uncle.

crochet cats
(The original one to the left, and the newer one to the right.)

Random thoughts under the cut!

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winter break 2011

Winter break is finally here! That means that there’s actually time for arts and crafts now!

Oh I actually made this cute gift bag from a scrapbook sheet paper that I wanted to share with you guys later! haha, there are a lot of imperfections, but I think there’s definitely a seed of something there!

Anyways, you guys should know that I have this terrible habit of buying materials and not starting a project, or even if I do start, never finishing it.Β  There are so many WIPs for me to complete over winter break (see the project planning category for more).Β  Realistically, here’s what I’m going to try to work on (and what you guys can look forward to!):

Pokemon Hoodie– I’m so lazy to go set up the sewing machine…. Have to seam rip the bottom band out, add the pockets, resew, sew on the spots, finishing touches. Really not that much.. I WILL work on this! I will start after I get back fromVegas/LA, since there are plans for the rest of the week…

DNA scarf– hahaha. I’ve had this project going since I first got into knitting in 2008. WOW, that’s four years! I keep putting this off, because I keep losing my place when reading the chart. Also I was not smart and knit this at a gauge that is way too tight. It curls terribly. Hopefully I will be able to finish this!

CPH– I really want to work on this some more! I don’t think that I can finish, but let’s make the goal be getting to 50%?

Knit belt– I found a spare pair of D-rings in my drawers, so I want to try and make a belt! I will look through my stash for any of the Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, but otherwise will buy more. FOR SURE if I start this, I will finish.

misc.– As for other crafty things, I actually bought a pad of Christmas scrapbook paper from Michaels! Even though I have so much paper already, the pad was 60% off today, so I couldn’t resist. I guess I will try to make some Christmas cards in advance for next year. Otherwise I will try to use it for gift tags and wrapping this year too!


So those things are what’s planned for now. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress, so you can look forward to (hopefully) more regular updates for this month. πŸ™‚

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paper scrap cards

To use up the scrap paper from the paper strip woven thank you cards, I decided to make some more cards:

paper scrap all

I’m still in to the look of paper weaving, so this continues that theme with the strips woven into a triangle.Β  They’re all of assorted sizes and colors, to add more interest. I backed it with white paper, so that it shows up better on the background paper. I think that it’d probably look better with a more solid color background actually, so that there is more contrast. Anyways, I really like how it sort of looks like a fancy knot.Β  There’s an empty space left in one of the corners, so that I have a place to add text in later. Will still have to think about how best to incorporate it though.

Here’s my favorite of the bunch:
paper scrap close

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paper strip weaving – thank you cards

Oh wow, it’s been like half a year since I posted here… Life has been super busy just with classes, work, clubs. It’s only now in the second half of summer, when I find myself with more free time for arts and crafts stuff.

Anyways, here is a set of thank you cards that I’m going to be sending out for my birthday (turned 21, yay!). I made these on Tuesday and Wednesday while watching the most recent season of Project Runway!

thanks all

These are pretty simple, just woven strips of paper. I was very inspired by this post from minieco.co.uk.

I think it looks pretty good! My favorite is the one with this pattern:

thanks close

The only thing that I really dislike about this project is the finishing. Like for cutting -not exactly straight, piecing the strips together – some gaps between, and spacing of the word is not exactly centered. Also, maybe the contrast between the colors could be better?

Still a fun project, and not terribly time consuming. Each card takes approximately one hour to finish. There are lots of ways to adapt this as well!

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follow me on tumblr!

Hello lovely readers! So it’s actually a lot of work to be trying to keep this up as a purely arts and crafts, etc. blog during the school year, so I’m going to point you towards my newly created tumblr – “the quixotic and the quotidian”.

Yes, I do like alliteration.Β  I’ll continue posting the main content concerning actual projects here! Tumblr stuff will mainly be a mix of things that I like and snippets of everyday life.

Thanks! πŸ˜€

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knitting stuff (fall quarter/winter break)

Wow. Did you know that I started drafting thus post in October of last year? This first paragraph I wrote back then is amazingly still applicable.

Time always seems to pass by so quickly whenever school is in session. I can’t believe that it’s already fifth week and that we’re almost halfway through with this quarter. Classes and MASA have been keeping me busy, so not quite so much crafting time.

(Well it is only fourth week now, but still…)

Anyways, I have a few things to blog about from over winter break! Needed a break from my life right now…

First up, the Garterlac dishcloth and the tribble from a ball of Lily Sugar and Cream in Strawberry.
garterlac dishcloth (1)
I like the dishcloth pattern and feel like it works well with the yarn’s striping, but I think I really need to focus on picking up stitches evenly. The corners are not so nice here. In the future, I’d want to try this as the entrelac scarf or hat pattern.tribble
The tribble was a fun quick knit. I want to try making more with my other scrap yarn. I think closing it would be good practice for doing a beanie!

my kind of town cowl  (2)
Next, the My Kind of Town Cowl. A super easy knit done in a chunky yarn – quick to knit up. I like it! Not sure if it’s too small though. I only used one ball. Also yarn is a bit sheddy, with these navy blue fibers sticking to my shirts. Mm if I did this again, I’d use a different yarn and allow more yardage.

cph back panel
Finally, a progress shot of my CPH, which is FINALLY started after like… three years? Hahaha. I am the master of procrastination. It’s actually back in hibernation again, while I’m at school this (and probably next) quarter.

Also, I bought some pretty gray yarn, intending to make this:
Knit In Chunks
Haha. I wonder if this is going to turn into another CPH, shelved for a few years?

Well, that’s it for knitting for a while. So hmmm, next post is gonna be an announcement. After that, we’ll see. Wish me luck this quarter!

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