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end of winter break

I actually drafted this post on my phone while waiting for my flight back to school.ย  I’m back now,

So over break, a few projects got done:

  • Crochet Cat
  • DNA Scarf
  • 2 Queen Anne’s Lace Scarves
  • Pop heart amigurumi
  • Autumn in Garrison hat
  • 1 of the DNA fingerless gloves

But some projects continued their long hibernation:

  • CPH
  • Pokemon Hoodie

And now I’m going back to school, where there won’t be as much free time. Still, I brought back my knitting and crochet supplies, hoping to get maybe one or two projects underway!

I’m bringing my remnants of my Caron’s simply soft for the Ravenclaw scarf, 2 skeins in a forest green, and 1 skein in a bright blue.

Actually, right before we left for the airport, I was browsing patterns in Ravelry, and stumbled across this one for the Phoenix Wright Hobo hat. So perfect! I had to stop off at Michaels to buy a pink for the “PaPa” part. I wanted to get something from the same line, so was considering Caron’s Simply Soft in Watermelon. It did seem a bit too bright though, so I ended up going with Debbie Bliss’ Snapdragon. I’m so excited! Now I have to look for a source for that pin. ๐Ÿ™‚


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follow me on tumblr!

Hello lovely readers! So it’s actually a lot of work to be trying to keep this up as a purely arts and crafts, etc. blog during the school year, so I’m going to point you towards my newly created tumblr – “the quixotic and the quotidian”.

Yes, I do like alliteration.ย  I’ll continue posting the main content concerning actual projects here! Tumblr stuff will mainly be a mix of things that I like and snippets of everyday life.

Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Hoodie Update + Applique

hehe, late update, as usual… but I finally sewed up the hood lining, so have completed the base for the hoodie!

It was supposed to be Sandshrew, but I couldn’t find the right colors at Jo-Ann’s or at Britex, so for now it’ll just be Girafarig/giraffe. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Fit could be improved – narrow body a bit more, neckline is too large, add curves into side. shoulders too wide.
  • For attaching hood, measure enough allowances for both sides (always has to be MORE than 10/8)
  • Try different method for closing lining? Slipstitch makes it look a little puckered?
  • Remember to put pocket on BEFORE attaching waistband!

I cut and pinned some spots, and tried to applique to the side of the hoodie, but failed. I was using embroidery thread and needle, trying to do a satin stitch. It’s hard to pass the needle through all the layers of fabric, especially since the embroidery floss is much thicker, and the polar fleece is quite tight. I kept shredding the cut flannel piece when trying to sew through it. Maybe my technique is wrong, but this approach hasn’t really been working for me.ย  I think that I’ll have to postpone finishing, until I go back home, and then I can use the sewing machine to attach the spots then.

Anyways, with that in some resources for applique:

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Finally an UPDATE!

Wow, I haven’t updated this blog for four months! Probably have lost all the regular readers, if any. XD I’ve heard that writing is therapeutic, so with recent events, I’ve decided that I should start keeping a daily journal. Usually blogs are meant for other people to read, about intesting topics, like cooking or arts and crafts or on how to live your life. This used to be a sort of log about my origami projects, but I realized that I haven’t been updating for a while.

I’ll probably catch up with some of the older works that I’ve made on here. Then, since I’d like to keep this blog more craft-focused, rather than mixing the posts for more personal entries in, I’ll post them to a separate journal. (If interested, please comment and ask!)

Anyways, crafty updates coming soon!

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Japanese Brocade, Sunken Sonobe

Some other random models. Playing around with a variety of colors.

japanese brocade

Usually, people just make cubes using the Japanese Brocade model, but I saw this post on flickr, and thought that I would make one of the 30 unit models.

It’s really difficult to put together the model, as everything just tends to fall apart. I had to glue the pieces together to make it work, but maybe some more skilled person could have done without it.

I wanted to use up the last of the notepad paper, so I did a color combination of white, red, orange, yellow, yellow, and more yellow. I did it in the six color tiling of the icosahedron from Meenakshi Mukerji’s Marvelous Modular Origami. Well, I thought that it would feel like a flame coloration, but unfortunately, it didn’t turn out so well. Everything is way too light. If I’d used brighter colors, maybe, but oh well.

September 09, 2009, 22:53

sunken sonobe (2)

Inspired by this post on flickr. They said that you can do it using any of the sonobe variants, but I just stuck to the basic version.

Colors done in blues, greens, and purples. I didn’t really like how the color tiling came out for the Japanese Brocade, so I tried to pool the colors more. I think it looks a little patchy, but actually, I like this model a lot. The sunken peaks make a fun shape!

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Floral Globes: Curve

August 28, 2009, 00:02

Finished the Curve model a few days ago.  It was really difficult to fit in the last piece!  Actually, it’s kind of noticeably messy where I had to bend the piece into position. 

Still no pictures yet.  I can’t find the cord to connect my camera to the computer, and I still have to take some shots of the newer projects.  [EDITED]

curl (2)

Anyways, I like the model itself, which reminds me of stars.  The curl at the edges is also really cute, even though it makes the assembly so annoying.  I don’t really like the colors that I picked though.  The blue paper feels flat, and the yellow seems dull.  If only I’d used prettier paper… maybe some patterned chiyogami?

Well, I’m almost done with that notepad block of paper, so after the next model, the following ones will use  actual origami paper.  I love the bright colors and the smooth shine to the paper! Hopefully they turn out well!

I’m finishing off the notepad paper with another Tomoko Fuse model.  This time it’s from her book Unit Polyhedron Origami.  Actually, I dont know what the model name is, but it’s sort of a spiraling ring shape, made from her Double-Sided Concave Hexagonal Ring Solid structure units.  Colors will be a lemon-lime green, sky blue, and a salmon pink.  Most of the pieces finished already, so its almost ready for assembly!

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